Our Mission

In early 2013 we set out on a mission to share our photos with friends and family. After many long hours we created a website where we could archive and share our work. For several months this was enough, until one day while we were hiking the backcountry of Utah, we came to the realization that our vision was far too small... We needed share our work with the Universe! (starting with Earth...)

While still a long way from completing our mission, thanks to the many tireless nights of our web designer (who is also our CEO, CFO, accountant, co-gardener, co-lead chef, chauffeur, and lead photographer), phase one of our new mission is slowly becoming a reality. Once complete, phase one will allow every person, animal or thing connected to the world wide web to experience our collection of photos in 100% digitized format. We will then focus our efforts on digitizing our historic photos from the past several years (while implementing phase two in parrallel.) More information about phase two will be added to the proposed roadmap in the Updates section once it becomes finalized, so stay tuned!

In the mean time, please enjoy our growing collection of fully digitized photos.

About Us

First and foremost, we here at theyellowcanoe enjoy taking photos! When we aren't sitting behind a computer, building houses, brewing, or on the slopes, we travel the world (mostly new england) to explore nature and capture its beauty in our photos. We have over 58 years of combined experience in taking, viewing, and posing for photos.

We first started to experiment with color film back in the late 90s. After taking several thousand photos and somewhere along the way gaining a basic understanding of photography, we came across an old Mamiya and Rolleiflex camera. It was around that time that we decided to venture into the darkness and develop our own photos. We built a darkroom in the local mill, with equiptment donated by friends and family, and began our journey shooting almost entirely in black and white...

That was many years ago... With the help of a Canon 50D digital camera, we learned to embrace the digital age. Today we shoot mostly in digital color and have recently added some new equiptment to our collection. Some of our latest areas of exploration include, but are not limited to, macro and time-lapse photography, birding, horse shows, and multi-frame panoramas.

However, even with all of our digital technologies, we still continue to take photos with our medium format cameras, and have recently expanded our collection of film cameras to include a Mamyia RZ67 and a 4x5 studio camera. While use of our darkroom is now limited due to its new location, in our kitchen, we coninue to stack up the film and still fire up the old Beseler on special occassions.